Appotronics - Inventor of ALPD®
Laser Display Technology

What is ALPD®?

ALPD®, namely the fluorescent laser technology, is used for image display based on the laser-excited fluorescent materials and mixed multi-color laser lines.

  • Global patents 2000+

    Coversvarious regions such as China, the United States, Japan, South Korea,Europe.

  • The global initiative

    According to the industry patent analysis report issued by the National Intellectual Property Administration, PRC, Appotronics was the first patent applicant to propose the fluorescent laser technology.

  • Cited 600+

    Cited by the companies from domestic and foreign

  • Why is the phosphor and the laser?

    With both phosphor and laser, and making full use of the advantages of both

  • Blue laser
  • No speckle
  • Wide spectrum
  • High efficiency
  • Less expensive comapre to Red
  • Green lasers
  • ALPD® solves the problems encountered in laser display in a revolutionary way.

    Continous improvement of ALPD®

    Over a decade of research and development, Appotronics has been continuously upgraded from ALPD®1.0 to ALPD®4.0, which not only brings high brightness, good color reproduction and no speckle advantages, but also improves the height of technology and industry. Appotronics has gradually formed the technical system, and continues to innovate in this Industry.

  • ALPD®1.0

  • ALPD®2.0

  • ALPD®3.0

  • ALPD®4.0

    • ALPD®1.0

      1. 1、In 2007, it pioneered the subversive ALPD® laser display technology, and registered the ALPD® basic patent in the US and China Patent Office.
      2. 2、Successfully launched ALPD®1.0, has been used for rear projection video wall.
      3. 3、A combination of phosphor and laser advantages
      4. 4、A best and efficient structure design


      1. 1、Developed in 2012, for laser TV product development
      2. 2、High brightness
      3. 3、Visual safety design
      4. 4、Same light path, good uniformity


      1. 1、Developed in 2015, mainly based on red and blue two-color laser + Phosphor technology, developed for cinemas
      2. 2、Light source efficiency increased by 20%
      3. 3、DCI P3 color gamut
      4. 4、100% color brightness


      1. 1、Developed in 2018, Phosphor + laser solution, for the ultimate viewing effect
      2. 2、Larger color gamut (color gamut value reaches 98.5% of Rec.2020)
      3. 3、Higher contrast ( reach cinema standards 2500:1)
      4. 4、Higher light efficiency (30% more efficient than ALPD 3.0 generation products)

    Advantages of ALPD® Technology

    • High light efficiency· environmental protection and energy saving

    • High light efficiency· environmental protection and energy saving

      The overall light efficiency of the ALPD® digital projector is much higher than other light sources.
    • High brightness

    • High brightness

      High light efficiency determines high brightness, with ALPD® technology, the brightness is up to 60, 000lm, maintaining a leading position in the world
    • Wide color gamut

    • Wide color gamut

      Phosphor + laser, the color performance reaches DCI cinema level standard, and the maximum color gamut reaches 98.5% of Rec.2020
    • High light utilization

    • High light utilization

      High light utilization, high contrast 2500: 1, reach cinema standards
    • High reliability

    • High reliability

      Through aging test, dust proof test (verified to be IP5X dustproof rating), heat dissipation test, structural strength test, high temperature and high humidity and other experimental tests

    Market Coverage

    In essence, Appotronics invented a new light source technology, and transformed the technology into products and brought them into people's daily lives, opening up a larger possible horizon for everyone. New Light New Life, Appotronics always adhere to the passion of changing human life to realize the ideal and ambition of "new light source and new life".

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