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Company welfares

  • Six insurances and one housing provident fund

    Once taking work, pension insurance, unemployment insurance, work injury insurance, medical insurance, maternity insurance, commercial insurance and housing provident fund will be purchased according to national regulations.

  • Paid leaves

    Enjoy paid annual leave, legal holidays, sick leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, nursing leave, breastfeeding leave and funeral leave.

  • Flexible work time

    Flexible attendance at work

  • Overtime meal supplement

    Provide dinner and meal allowance

  • Health checkup

    Enjoy a health checkup every year

  • Talent housing

    Provide government-assigned talent apartments for eligible employees

  • Free shuttle

    Provide shuttle bus to pick up employees on weekdays.

  • Activity funds

    Each person is entitled to the team activity fund every quarter.

  • Holiday care

    Gifts will be given on the Dragon Boat Festival, Women's Day, Mid-Autumn Festival and Children's Day.

  • Gift benefits

    Wedding gifts and maternity gifts are issued to employees married and giving birth in line with national policies.

  • Travel plan

    Excellent personnel tourism activities are carried out every year.

  • Birthday care

    Hold birthday parties every month and give birthday gifts.

  • Family care

    Family activities are held every six months (parent-child activities)

  • Handling registered permanent residence in Shenzhen

    Handling registered permanent residence in Shenzhen for those who meet the conditions every year

  • Recreational activities

    Association activities are organized by trade unions every week, such as outdoor, basketball, badminton, table tennis, football, yoga, etc.

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