Cinema Optics
CINEAPPO Laser Cinema Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (CINEAPPO) was founded in August 2014 as a joint venture by China Film Equipment Co., Ltd., and Appotronics Corporation Ltd. It provides ALPD® laser light source upgrade for cinemas. Based on the cutting-edge ALPD® solutions, CINEAPPO’s laser light source can deliver wide color gamut, outstanding color performance, ultra-long life span, and slow light, greatly improving the projection quality of cinemas.

In the past eight years, CINEAPPO has made a substantial growth continuously and became the official laser light source provider for most digital cinema projectors. By the end of July 2022, ALPD® laser light sources have been adopted in over 31,000 cinema halls and 7,000+ cinemas globally.
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    ALPD® Laser Light Sources Benefits
  • Higher brightness for better image quality.
  • Prolong lifetime
  • Lower electricity consumption and costs
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