Appotronics Shines at Android TV Bootcamp, Embracing Laser Innovation Across the Globe

Recently, Appotronics (688007.SH), a global leader in laser display technology, was invited to attend the Android TV Bootcamp in Mountain View, California, USA. As a premier gathering for the Android TV ecosystem, the Bootcamp brought together top partners from the projection display industry worldwide. The event aimed to foster deep dialogue among industry leaders, drive innovation, inject vitality into the ecosystem, and lead the development trends of projection display technology in future consumer applications.


Deep Technological Roots

As a key manufacturer of home entertainment components, Appotronics' subsidiaries, including Formovie Projection, and partners like Dangbei Projection, showcased the "Google Ref+Beam 3.0" certified by Netflix at the Bootcamp. This product significantly enhances user experience with seamless integration and outstanding performance, garnering widespread attention and interest among attendees.

Furthermore, as a Google partner, Formovie Projection played a pivotal role in the event. It offers comprehensive ODM solutions, empowering brands to develop Google TV projection products. To date, Formovie Projection has achieved significant milestones, including launching the world's first Dolby Vision projector featuring Android TV.

Expanding Industry Alliances

During the summit, semiconductor giant MediaTek expressed keen interest in collaborating with Appotronics to develop more innovative products. This partnership is set to drive innovation and advancement in projection technology. Appotronics reaffirmed its commitment to providing top-tier solutions and cutting-edge products to partners, continuously pushing the boundaries of projection technology through technological innovation.

A Legacy of Innovation

Founded in 2006, Appotronics has dedicated over a decade to the research and development of core and underlying technologies. The company's strategy revolves around combining core technology with core components for various applications, continually advancing ALPD (Advanced Laser Phosphor Display) technology for widespread use across automotive, cinema, home/personal, commercial, educational, and AR applications.



As a pioneer in the laser display industry, Appotronics remains committed to open collaboration and mutual benefit, fostering a robust laser display ecosystem and delivering comprehensive services to partners. The company continues to drive industry progress by introducing new technologies and products, collaborating closely with peers and partners to create a visually stunning world.