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Shenzhen Appotronics Corporation Ltd.

Appotronics Corporation Ltd.

A national high-tech enterprise with providing the world's leading semiconductor light source solution as the core technology. The company's core R&D management team consists of professional returnees from many countries and attracts a large number of local R&D personnel. The discipline covers optics, electronics, materials, physics, mechanical design, precision manufacturing and other fields, forming an international scientific research team with the strongest comprehensive research and development strength in the field of laser display.

In 2007, Appotronics pioneered the ALPD laser display technology. In the field of laser display, a total of more than 1,450 patents have been applied, occupying the commanding height of global laser display technology. This technology is regarded by the international trade as the development direction of the next generation of laser display, and is the first to realize the industrialization of technology on a global scale, and has established China's international leading position in the field of laser display. Appotronics adheres to the ideal of letting China's light shine on the world stage, and strives to make China's next-generation solid-state new light source technology break the monopoly position of western developed countries in display light source technology.

In 2013, it was the first to launch the world's first 100-inch Laser TV, achieving "China Creation, International Manufacturing" in the field of television. It then captured the most challenging cinema projection technology in the field, which won the 2014 National Key Product Certification and the first prize of science and technology of China Academy of Film and Television Technology in 2017. Appotronics cooperated with China Film Group to launch China's CINELAB based on ALPD® technology, with more than 13,000 cinema installations and more than 60% market share in laser film projection.

Based on the application scale of ALPD® in China, Appotronics established a joint venture company "CINIONIC" in Hong Kong with China Film Group Corporation, Barco (Belgian listed company with 55% global market share of cinema projectors) and CITIC Industry Fund, committed to providing "global high-end cinema solution" and practicing the "Belt and Road Initiative", to promote the film projection technology with China's independent intellectual property rights in the international market. This will help to improve the core competitiveness of China's film industry, lay a solid foundation for Chinese film equipment to enter the international market, and then set a new banner for "wisdom in China" in the world.

"New Light New Life", Appotronics will bring the passion of changing human life to realize the dream and ambition of "new light, new life".