Professional Display
  • Brightness:
  • Resolution:
  • Aspect ratio:
  • Weight:

Projection technology
DLPTM chip X3, DLPTM projection system
Brightness output ①
22,000 lumens (center brightness)/21,000 lumens (ANSI)
① Based on ISO21U8 standard. The brightness value set by the ISO21118 standard is the average value of mass production, which involves 80% of the brightness value is the lowest value when the product leaves the factory. Actual brightness will vary depending on the Lighting Mode setting.

②All White/full black.

③ Protruding parts are not considered.

④Including standard lens; average, individual differences will be different.

⑤Operating temperature 0°C~45°C, and if the ambient temperature is higher than 35°C, the projector will reduce the power slightly to protect the projector.

⑥ The stated life time is the approximate use time when the projector is used for the first time until the brightness of the light source is reduced to 50%. Use the environment to accelerate test results. The stated time is not a commitment time, the actual time will be affected by usage patterns, environmental conditions, user The influence of factors such as usage habits will vary greatly. The brightness attenuation of the projector mainly comes from the attenuation of the laser light source, but not Equal to the attenuation of the laser light source. When used in low brightness mode, the service life of the laser light source will be effectively extended.