AR Display Prospect
As the go-to display tech for the next generation, AR display seamlessly blends virtual reality into the real world, promising widespread applications in industries like medicine, communication, sports, and everyday information display, especially the AR goggles, which have become a new target in the capital market with advanced display products worth of trillions. 

AR display is considered one of the goals of Appotronics in the future development
After listing on the Science and Technology Innovation Board in 2019, Appotronics has considered AR display as an important development goal by outlining the development strategy and technological innovation proposal with an estimation of the technical difficulties. In the prospectus of Appotronics, it says, “AR display is one of the goals of Appotronics in the future development. We will spare no efforts to explore the cutting-edge technology and compete with others in international markets, thereby making contribution to the innovation-driven development strategy of the State.”

AR optical module independently developed
by Appotronics has achieved 10000 PPI
In May 2022, Appotronics released a self-developed AR optical module, which is the first AR optical module with 10000 PPI worldwide. It represents the significant breakthrough of Appotronics in AR technological research and development. With the innovation in multiple technological fields including optics, structure and algorithm, Appotronics’s AR team successfully developed SPD (super pixel density) technology, realizing 10000 PPI, 720p resolution, 40°FOV and power consumption less than 200mW within a volume of 0.5 cubic centimeter. With the same volume, the picture definition is twice of the average level in this industry.
  • 10000 PPI
  • High Definition
  • Color Display
  • Application Prospect
    The full view AR optical module released by Appotronics is not only lightweight and head-mounted, but also satisfies the requirement for brightness when applying to various scenes indoor and outdoor.

    The R&D team uses diffracted waves as optical combiner to realize the transmittance of more than 85%, making the lens light and thin enough and thus getting the module lightweight; meanwhile, it improves the display brightness of the module significantly and makes the full view AR display applicable to the outdoor scenes with high brightness.