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A leading laser display technology enterprise in the world

The first stock in the A-share laser display industry and in Guangdong Province on the STAR Market

Our pioneering key architecture technology for laser display has seamlessly transitioned into an international standard

Committed to making laser display products accessible to millions of households, we are dedicated to enhancing your visual experience

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Intellectual property
As of June 2023, the company has amassed over 2600 global patents and patent applications, boasting more than 1600 invention patents and patent applications,establishing a significant and evident patent advantage.
The Company's laser phosphor display technology, serving as the foundational key architecture, has garnered over 660 citations from industry leaders such as Philips in the Netherlands, Osram in Germany, Epson in Japan, and NEC, among others.
Bring Together Global Top Laser Talents
The core R&D team is led by the internationally leading talents in the laser display field, and attracts R&D staff graduated from well-known domestic and foreign universities, covering optical, electronics, materials, physics, mechanical designing, fine manufacturing, etc.
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holds master's or doctorate degrees