Intellectual Property: The Essence of Innovation and Core Competitiveness
Appotronics places paramount importance on intellectual property efforts. We have not only implemented a robust intellectual property management system but have also established a dedicated Intellectual Property and Legal Department. This strategic move aims to safeguard our research and development achievements, protect our intellectual property rights from infringement, and ensure the smooth and effective progression of our business activities.

Boasts Proprietary Patented Technology
In 2007, Appotronics revolutionized the market by commercializing laser display technology, leveraging blue laser-excited rare-earth luminescent materials. The company secured the exclusive rights to this innovation and officially registered the ALPD® trademark to protect and showcase this cutting-edge technology.

Core Technology
Over 2600 Global Patent Applications
Centered on ALPD® technology, Appotronics has meticulously constructed a comprehensive intellectual property protection system. Strategically deploying patents across various technology modules worldwide, the company leads the way in the sheer number of patent applications in multiple domains.

As of June 2023, the company has amassed over 2600 global patents and patent applications, boasting more than 1600 invention patents and patent applications. This remarkable number positions Appotronics at the forefront of the global
fluorescent laser display field in terms of patent applications.
Over 1100 Global Trademark Applications
In alignment with market planning and brand strategy, Appotronics has strategically positioned its trademarks on a global scale. As of June 2023, Appotronics has successfully obtained approval for over 1100 registered trademarks and trademark applications, encompassing both domestic and international registrations. This includes more than 900 registered trademarks and an additional 200-plus trademark applications.

  • 200+
    Trademark application
  • 1100+
    The current global trademark Stats
    As of June 2023
  • 900+
  • Patent influence has been cited 660+
    The ALPD ® technology underlying key architecture technology patent owned by Appotronics has important technical value and influence in the field of laser display technology. So far, it has been cited more than 660 times by many peers, and many important patents of different technology modules have also been recognized by the industry. Many other domestic and foreign companies are cited.
    Social recognition
    The technical patent achievements obtained by Appotronics have won a number of national, provincial, municipal and patent awards. In addition, Appotronics is a Leader Level Member of the International Laser Projector Association (LIPA) and participates in the formulation of international standards for laser display.
  • Leading member of the International Laser Projector Association
  • National Intellectual Property Exemplary Enterprise
  • China Patent Excellence Award
  • China Outstanding Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Team
  • Guangdong Province Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise
  • Guangdong Patent Gold Award
  • In the future, Guangfeng will continue to improve the intellectual property protection system, apply for patent protection worldwide for core technological achievements, reasonably use legal means to maintain independent intellectual property rights, promote the formulation of industry technical standards, and the harmony, health and sustainability of the laser display industry. develop.