Inventor of ALPD® Laser Display Technology
What is ALPD® Technology?
ALPD® , namely fluorescent laser technology, is based on the technical route of laser excitation of fluorescent materials and mixed multi-color lasers for image display.
  • Global Patent 2800+

    Across China, America, Japan, Korea, Europe, etc.

  • The world's first

    Appotronics Technology stands out as the inaugural patent applicant for this technical route in China, as highlighted in the "Industrial Patent Analysis Report - New Display" from    the State Intellectual Property Office.

  • Cited 670+

    Gain recognition by industry insiders and various domestic as well as international enterprises.

  • Why Fluorescence Lasers
    Both laser and fluorescence, integrating the advantages of both and abandoning the disadvantages of both
    ALPD® for continuous innovation
    Merging the strengths of both laser and fluorescence technologies while discarding their respective drawbacks.
    ALPD® _ 1.0
    • 1,In 2007, Appotronics pioneered the subversive ALPD laser display technology route, and applied for ALPD basic patents

    • 2,revolutionary solution to the difficulties encountered in laser display industrialization;

    • 3,high brightness, high color gamut, low speckle, more concise structure

    ALPD® _ 2.0
    • Released in 2012

    • 1,high brightness

    • 2,Visual safety design

    • 3,the same light path, good uniformity

    ALPD® _ 3.0
    • Released in 2015

    • 1,light source efficiency increased by 20%

    • 2,DCI P3 color gamut

    • 3,100% color brightness

    ALPD® _ 4.0
    • Released in 2018

    • 1,Larger color gamut (98.5% of Rec.2020)

    • 2,The contrast ratio of products using ALPD®4.0 can reach 2500:1, far exceeding cinematic standards

    • 3,higher light efficiency (30% higher efficiency than ALPD®3.0 generation products)

    ALPD® _ 5.0
    • Officially launched in November 2022, giving full play to the advantages of core components more flexibly.
    • Greater color gamut (120% sRGB Rec.2020, 165% DCI-P3,210% Rec.709)
    • Higher light efficiency(ALPD 5.0 Pro>20lm/W;ALPD 5.0 Lite>10lm/W)
    • Smaller volume (0.47/0.33/0.23 platform, more flexible configuration of optic engine)
    Market Applications
    Fundamentally, Appotronics spearheaded an innovative light source technology,     seamlessly integrating it into products that have become integral to people's daily  lives. Utilizing the brilliance of technology to craft a vision of beauty — new light, new life.