Inventor of ALPD® Laser Display Technology
What is ALPD® Technology?
ALPD® , namely fluorescent laser technology, is based on the technical route of laser excitation of fluorescent materials and mixed multi-color lasers for image display.
  • Global Patent 2600+

    Covering China, America, Japan, Korea, Europe, etc.

  • The world's first
    According to the "Industrial Patent Analysis Report - New Display" edited by the State Intellectual Property Office, Guangfeng Technology is the first patent applicant to propose this technical route in China.
  • Cited 660+

    Cited by the industry and domestic and foreign enterprises successively

  • Why Fluorescence Lasers
    Both laser and fluorescence, integrating the advantages of both and abandoning the disadvantages of both
    ALPD® for continuous innovation
    For more than ten years of technology, Appotronics has been iteratively upgraded from ALPD
    ALPD® _ 1.0
    • 1,In 2007, Appotronics pioneered the subversive ALPD laser display technologyroute, and applied for ALPD basic patents 

    • 2,revolutionary solution to the difficulties encountered in laser display industrialization;

    • 3,high brightness, high color gamut, low speckle, more concise structure

    ALPD® _ 2.0
    • developed in 2012

    • 1,high brightness

    • 2,Visual safety design

    • 3,the same light path, good uniformity

    ALPD® _ 3.0
    • developed in 2015

    • 1,light source efficiency increased by 20%

    • 2,DCI P3 color gamut

    • 3,100% color brightness

    ALPD® _ 4.0
    • developed in 2018

    • 1,Larger color gamut (98.5% of Rec.2020)

    • 2,The contrast ratio of products using ALPD®4.0 can reach 2500:1, far exceeding the cinema standard

    • 3,higher light efficiency (30% higher efficiency than ALPD®3.0 generation products)

    ALPD® _ 5.0
  • Officially launched in November 2022, giving full play to the advantages of core components more flexibly.
  • Greater color gamut (120% sRGB Rec.2020, 165% DCI-P3,210% Rec.709)
  • Higher light efficiency(ALPD 5.0 Pro>20lm/W;ALPD 5.0 Lite>10lm/W)
  • Smaller volume (0.47/0.33/0.23 platform, more flexible configuration of optic engine)
  • Market coverage
    In essence, Appotronics invented a new light source technology, and transformed the technology into products and brought it into people's daily life, opening a wider horizon for everyone.
    Use the light of technology to create a beautiful vision. new light, new life