Home Theater ODM
Appotronics Home Theater Core Devices Division
Innovating for a Brighter Future
Under the guidance of 688007.SH, a trailblazing leader in the industry and the trading ticker on the Shanghai Stock Exchange's STAR Market, the Home Theater Core Devices Division at Appotronics is at the forefront of reshaping home entertainment. Appotronics's visionary approach has propelled the division to pioneer cutting-edge solutions, leveraging the exclusive ALPD technology optical engine. Specializing in delivering tailor-made complete machine services and unique, self-developed high-gain flexible anti-light screens,Appotronics has played a pivotal role in setting unprecedented standards in the industry
Innovation-Driven Research and Development
Our division is the hub of innovation, with research and development at its core, accounting for roughly 70% of our workforce. This highly skilled team spans various domains such as optics, hardware, software, structural design, thermal management, power supply, picture quality (PQ) debugging, and thorough testing. Their extensive expertise has played a pivotal role in crafting globally acclaimed, best-selling products.
Product Excellence and Global Reach
Rooted in the projection industry, our product team possesses unmatched expertise in planning and servicing global products. This extends to our flagship home smart projection products, celebrated for their precision and market appeal. Through successful collaborations with top-tier customers, we consistently deliver products that not only meet but surpass global expectations
Commitment to Quality and Service
At Appotronics Home Theater Core Devices Division, our mission is to build our dual core competitiveness around core technology innovation and exceptional service quality. We are dedicated to providing high-quality products and services to our global customers. Our commitment extends to welcoming customers and partners from all corners of the world, aiming to enrich the home theater experience with our state-of-the-art technology and solutions.
Join Us on Our Journey
As we continue to push the boundaries of home theater technology, we invite you to be part of our journey towards a brighter, more innovative future in home entertainment. At Appotronics, we don't just create products; we create experiences that bring the world closer to the future of home cinema.
Laser TV
Laser TV projection aims to achieve cinema-like viewing experience with its high brightness, compact size, ultra-high contrast, large depth of field, accurate color reproduction, and high energy efficiency.

Some laser TV light engines are capable of achieving the Rec.2020 color gamut.
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Long-throw Pico

ALPD laser light source, high brightness, high energy efficiency, ultra-wide dynamic color gamut, mobile and portable

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UST Micro

ALPD laser light source, high brightness, high energy efficiency, ultra-wide dynamic color gamut, portable and mobile 

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