Home Theater ODM
Home Theater ODM
The Home Theater Core Devices Division is a part of Appotronics (SH.688007) that focuses on developing and providing solutions for the ALPD technology optical engine, customized complete machine services, and self-developed high-gain flexible anti-light screens. Our division combines research and development, product creation, sales, and operations, allowing us to provide a comprehensive solution for global customers. Our research and development team, which makes up about 70% of our workforce, has expertise in optics, hardware, software, structure, thermal management, power supply, PQ debugging, and testing. They have a wealth of experience in developing top-selling products worldwide. Our product team has a strong background in the projection industry and has the ability to plan and service global products, including home smart projection products that have been successfully created for leading customers with precise positioning. At the Home Theater Core Devices Division, we are dedicated to building our dual core competitiveness through core technology and services, providing high-quality products and services to global customers, and welcome customers from around the world.
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