Corporate Culture
Our vision and mission: Lighting the World.

Forge a path as the forefront innovator in the display industry, through innovative technical breakthroughs and a unique approach that encompasses the entire value chain.

  • Customer Respect
  • Results-Driven Focus
  • Commitment to Deliver
  • Constructive
  • Employee Development
    Appotronics, as attaching great importance to employee training and development, has provided a sound talent training system and dual channels for career development (i.e. professional line and management line). With perfect curriculum system and precise training programs, we improve employees’ quality and business skills in an accelerated way and develop employees’ abilities in a targeted way. With clear position development paths, employees not only identify their growth way and position competency requirements, but also have clearer personal goals, and the personal growth contributions are also directly reflected through the rank position system.
    Working Environment
    New Headquarter Building (In use in 2023)
    Appotronics Headquarter Building is located at the headquarter base in Xili Liuxiandong, Nanshan District, Shenzhen. As one of the six headquarter bases that drive Shenzhen's economic development and one of the nine strategic emerging industry clusters in Shenzhen, it is positioned as a new carrier for urban economic development and a new platform for industrial transformation and upgrading. Therefore, it will lead the future development of Nanshan district and even Shenzhen. In accordance with the Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Nanshan district has become the science and technology hub in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.
    Employee Activities
    Public Welfare Activities
    Appotronics enthusiastically participates in public welfare activities every year to convey love and assume social responsibility with the hope of showing that love knows no borders.
    Annual Meeting
    At the end of each year, all of Appotronics’ employees gather together at the annual meeting, where wonderful programs embodied employee’s brilliance and passions are performed one after another, in order to promote colleague relationships and motivate themselves to make further efforts in the following year.
    Staff Meeting
    Appotronics holds quarterly or semi-annual staff meetings from time to time for conveying its strategy, business layout and management ideas to employees and recognizing the outstanding teams.
    Care for Employees on Special Anniversary
    Appotronics accompany each of its employees on their happiest and saddest special moments by sending gifts, gratuities or condolences to them in time for their marriages, children births, birthdays, illnesses, and deaths of family members.
    Recreational Association
    As it is vital to balance work and life, Appotronics has established more than 10 associations and clubs, covering dance, music, basketball, soccer, badminton, yoga, etc.
    Family Day
    Caring for employees starts from caring for their families. Employees cannot do a good job without their families’ support. Every June, Appotronics organizes the family day activity, where employees’ families can feel Appotronics’ working environment and understand Appotronics’ corporate culture in depth, so as to encourage employees and their family members to identify with and be proud to Appotronics.
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