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Appotronics Corporation Ltd.

Appotronics Corporation Ltd. (SSE Star Market listed company, Code: 688007) is a high-tech company in laser display field with original technology, fundamental patents and critical components producing ability.

Appotronics invented ALPD® technology in the year of 2007. ALPD® solved the problems that impeded the marketization of the RGB laser display technology, and became the pioneer of the technology industrialization on a global scale. ALPD® is regarded as the development direction of the next generation of laser display, and successfully established China's global leading position in the field of laser display. ALPD® technology architecture, as an underlying key architecture, can be extended to apply in many fields. Currently, ALPD® technology underwent four generations of upgrading, and has been granted patent protection worldwide.

Based on the pioneered and continuously upgraded ALPD® technology architecture, Appotronics has invented the core component of laser display, the laser optical engine. The laser optical engine was applied in film, TV, education, large venue display and other scenarios to develop numerous laser display products and systematic solutions.

With the passion of using technology to change people’s life, Appotronics is committed to the research and innovation of laser display technology and products, constantly enriching the choice of people’s life, to meet people's new requirements for information display in the era of high-speed communication and artificial intelligence, and continually to pursue the ambition of "new light, new life".