Intellectual property is the enterprise's innovation power,
and also the core competitiveness.

Appotronics attaches great importance to intellectual property work, not only establishes a sound intellectual property management system, but also establishes the Intellectual Property and Legal Department to protect the company's research and development achievements, protect the company's intellectual property from infringement, and escort the effective development of the company's various production and operation activities.

Exclusive patented technology

In 2007, Appotronics pioneered a commercially available laser display technology based on blue laser-excited rare earth luminescent materials, and laid out basic patents around the technical architecture, and registered the trademark ALPD® for the technology.

Patent layout

Global patent applications 2000+

Around the ALPD® technology, Appotronics has established a perfect intellectual property protection system, and has systematically laid out the patents for different technical modules on a global scale, and has the advantages in the number of patent applications in multiple modules. As of June 2020, the company had more than 2000 global patents and patent applications, including more than 1,000 invention patents and patent applications, and the number of patent applications ranked first in the global fluorescent laser display field.

Current global trademark layout

  • CN: 1123/569 US: 98/50 EP: 72/17 JP: 65/39 TW: 60/51 KR: 39/29 IN: 1 RU: 1
  • As of June 2019

  • Trademark layout

    Global trademark applications 600+

    According to the market planning and brand strategy, Appotronics conducts trademark layout on a global scale. As of June 2019, Appotronics had more than 600 approved registered trademarks and trademark applications in total at home and abroad, including more than 390 approved registered trademarks and more than 210 trademark applications.

    Current global trademark layout

    As of June 2019




    Trademark application


    Registered trademark

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    Patent influence

    Cited 600+

    The patents of the underlying key architecture technology of ALPD® technology owned by Appotronics have important technical value and influence in the technical field of laser display. Up to now, they have been cited by many colleagues and associates for more than 600 times, and important patents of multiple different technology modules have also been mostly cited by other domestic and foreign enterprises in the industry.

    Social recognition

    The achievements of technical patents obtained by Appotronics have won many national, provincial and municipal patent awards. In addition, Appotronics is a leader level member of the International Laser Illuminated Projector Association (LIPA) and is involved in the formulation of international standards for laser display.

    • Leader Level Member of the International Laser Illuminated Projector Association

    • China Patent Excellence Award

    • Outstanding Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Team in China

    • Guangdong Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise

    • National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise

    • Guangdon Intellectual Property Gold Award

    In the future, Appotronics will continue to improve the intellectual property protection system, apply for patent protection for core technological achievements on a global scale, reasonably use legal means to protect the independent intellectual property, and promote the formulation of industry technical standards, and the harmonious, healthy and sustainable development of the laser display industry.

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